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Welcome and History

Welcome to Of Color, Inc. As a start-up minority and female not for profit, we believe that through commitment, self-motivation and inspiration, people can achieve their individual goals while positively impacting their community. Of Color, Inc. was born out of key principles of HOPE. Please join us as we embark on a bold but impactful journey. 

Our Principles:

  • Healing: of trauma in order to move forward
  • Opportunity: to enter the world “prepared” in order to secure individual success 
  • Prosperity: to sustain one’s own self and family life
  • Empowerment: to educate, counsel and build skills for self-sufficiency 

Our History: Of Color, Inc. is founded on the belief that people “Of All Colors” can grow economically and together while contributing to the larger society if they are exposed to the positive resources that their communities and the larger society has to offer them. The organization has a bold and ambitious goal to impact 1million individuals by 2030, serving 1,000 people annually. As a servant leader, the Executive Director holds strongly that we, as a society should not rely on other structures to begin the conversation around those who struggle economically but to change the narrative from an advocacy and innovative perspective. She believes that with a “different” mindset, we can assist all in need in one united and holistic manner, not excluding any person that suffers from economic disadvantages. 

- “Those from the community must be empowered to take a stand to educate, seek out resources and implement programs which will enrich the lives of those in need”. –  Renita White 


Our Experience

Renita White is the Executive Director and founder of Of Color, Inc. Renita has been a senior and executive manager as well as professional consultant to a variety of organizations (large, mid-size and small) in both the Chicagoland area and across states, bringing 30+ years of social services experience to her agency. Renita has served in leadership roles for agencies in the areas of program & project development, workforce development, housing services, quality assurance, risk management & strategic planning. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration from the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration and a professional license in social work from the State of Illinois. Renita is an ADESE fellow which is a national fellow program with a focus for social enterprises demonstrating positive impacts surrounding economic stability in communities nationwide. She has helped to facilitate social service programs in specialty areas such as child welfare, senior services, case management (traditional & non-traditional), clinical & senior services, youth development, independent living, transitional &  public housing for youth/families & workforce development. Supportively, Renita is a Certified Team Leader and Reviewer for the Council on Accreditation (COA); a national and international accrediting body that approves social service organizations in compliance with best practice standards for child, youth, family and senior services. In addition to this, she served on a city board for All Chicago, a national board for a health and human service organization and graduated from their leadership program as a Diakonical and servant leader in 2014. 

The organization's Leadership Team co-leads the charge to connect individuals to sustainable economic opportunities. They are trained professionals with a combination of 40+ years of experience and knowledge that lead individuals to economic stability. Our team is results-driven with exceptional performance goal levels. 

We boast a diverse Board of Directors which is also 65% Female and African American. Our Directors bring expertise to the organization in the areas of workforce, executive leadership, banking, philanthropy, program management and donor based initiatives. 


Join Us....

  • Volunteers and Students: Of Color, Inc. invites volunteers with targeted life experiences and students from undergraduate and graduate level education programs to work in the education unit of our organization. Paid internships opportunities will be announced in future months. 

  • Careers: There are currently no openings. Please check back periodically as we are rapidly growing our organization. 

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Workforce Development and Employment

Our Business Center introduces participants to soft skills and a “trauma informed” job readiness training with a focus on resume and cover letter development, effective interviewing, developing customer service skills, handling workplace conflict, and workplace diversity (engagement with other groups), etc.

Ongoing Career Workshops support employment retention. Topics such as Financial Literacy, Opening a Savings and/or Checking Account, Buying A Home, Asking for Promotion are essential in our menu of topics. 


Education and Training

The Hayes Learning Center is supported by our Director of Training and Business Partnerships.  Our research-informed curriculum empowers and aids in the self-development and career enrichment of young boys and girls that reside in under-resourced communities and whose grade schools are categorized as under-performing. The program promotes inter-generational relationships, working with teachers and parents to explore career pathways, enhancing self-esteem and giving young people the knowledge to better decision making.  Youth experience organized field trips to local businesses where they observe successful professionals working in a variety of industries and fields. They develop skillsets in the areas of: Entrepreneurship, Exploration of Career Pathways, Economic Literacy, Environmental Issues, Health and Well-Being and Violence Prevention.   


Housing Linkages

Through a partnership with All Chicago; a housing resource organization, we link individuals with housing needs to the city’s central registry teams, whom in turn provides a matching assessment for referrals to the appropriate organization (individuals and families). 

Contact Us

 We  strive to stay in communication with our clients. Have a question about  our business, or want to see if we match your specific needs? Send us a  message. We're always happy to connect with new customers! 

Of Color, Inc.

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Email Us Today at rwhite@ofcolorinc.org


Preparing To Launch in 2020, Stay Tuned....

Mission and Vision

 Our Mission: To help people of “all colors” enhance their own economic and education goals. 

Our Vision: All people of color can be leaders in their own lives when aligned with the proper resources.


There is hope in everyone - Professionals built the Titanic and it sank, Amateurs built the Ark and it floated….